Citation 525 CJ3 Aircraft Pressurization System
Aircraft Pressurization System- Description

System Description

The Cabin pressure control system regulates the amount of air that escapes the cabin through a pair of exit holes on the AFT pressure bulkhead.
The Cabin pressure control system regulates the escape of air though the use of two pneumatically driven outflow valves; the primary outflow valve and secondary outflow valve’s are similar except for a pair of electric solenoids (climb, dive) and an ejector package which is included only on the primary outflow valve, in addition the primary outflow valve is larger in diameter. The incoming air supply to the cabin is maintained at a constant 10ibm/min (8imb/min single source) and is temperature controlled. The pressure and rate of change of the cabin is determined by inputs from the digital microprocessor (Also known as the Digital Altitude Controller), Manual toggle valve and the cabin dump switch. The absolute cabin pressure and the differential cabin pressure can be monitored in the cabin on the cabin altitude gauge and on the differential gauge. The rate of cabin change is seen in the rate window (lower) on the face of the Digital Altitude Controller. The Digital Altitude Controller, the AUTO/Manual switch, the Manual toggle valve, the cabin dump switch, the differential pressure gauge, and cabin altitude gauge are all located on the cockpit tilt panel. The primary outflow valve is located on the FWD inboard side of the AFT pressure bulkhead and the secondary outflow valve is located on the FWD outboard side of the AFT pressure bulkhead.